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Schiffman Creative Inc. is a premier New York City boutique graphic design, branding and interactive agency. Operating from Manhattan’s Upper East Side and Park Avenue South, Schiffman Creative has secured its place among the most sought-after creative teams in New York City. Lasting relationships, unmatched dedication and proven results are the foundation of our business. We will help your brand achieve visual excellence without compromising your own unique identity.


Brand Development
Beauty & Cosmetics
Dermatology & Medical
Consumer Products
Entertainment & Video Games
Children's Entertainment
Product Packaging
Web Design & Development
Design for Social Media


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New York City

Manhattan | Upper East Side
East 72nd Street

Manhattan | Upper East Side
East 85th Street


The Partners

Philip's LinkedIn Profile

Philip Schiffman

Partner / Creative Director

Philip Schiffman

Born and raised on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, Philip is a graphic design industry veteran with over 15+ years of experience. He has worked with high profile clients such as Proctor & Gamble, NuFACE, Skyn Iceland, Dylan’s Candy Bar, MTV, DeVries Public Relations, Deutsch Inc., Scholastic, Disney, NFL and Activision to name a few. He has been a pioneer in creating brands and websites for some of the most renowned Dermatology practices in New York City. Philip oversees all of Schiffman Creative’s design initiatives with a hands-on approach. The ability to merge a strong design aesthetic while maintaining the client's core business functionality makes him a valuable asset. His versatility enables him to work on projects ranging from highly corporate to artistically experimental.

Philip's LinkedIn Profile

Erin Schiffman

Partner / Business Development

Erin Schiffman

Erin brings public relations, marketing and creative direction to the agency. She has worked with elite companies such as Calvin Klein, Rubenstein Associates, DeVries PR and Lizzie Grubman PR. She has developed an extensive list of industry contacts and continues to build new business relationships for Schiffman Creative. Erin is also a key participant in brainstorming sessions, creative research, brand strategy and project planning. She also plays a large role in the company's creative vision by instilling key marketing and public relations insight into all phases of the design process.

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