We are hands on — infusing art, design, marketing and pop-culture in everything we do...

Philip J. Schiffman
Partner / Executive Creative Director

New York born and bred: A native of Manhattan’s Upper East Side, Philip stuck close to home for his diverse education, attending prep school at Birch Wathen Lenox, followed by Fordham University and School of Visual Arts.

Unlikely (and awesome) training ground: MTV. In-between college and design school, Philip logged several years in the hallowed halls of MTV. “That was my version of the Ivy League,” he says. “I was young but learned from some of the best graphic designers in the world. Our team launched the very first MTV.com.  I treasure that experience.”

Clients he’s quarterbacked projects for over the last 15 years: From massive household names to boutique-level brands, Philip has worked with Procter & Gamble, Disney, NFL, Scholastic, Activision, Dylan’s Candy Bar, NuFACE and others.

How he spends his (work) day: Philip oversees each and every design initiative.

His overriding goal: To forge a strong aesthetic identity while maintaining his clients’ core business functionality.

Graphic designers + fine artists he admires: David Carson, Paul Rand, Saul Bass, Herb Lubalin, Milton Glaser, Keith Haring, Jean-Michel Basquiat, H.R. Giger, M.C. Escher and Andy Warhol.

One of many Schiffman Creative branding challenges he loved: For its artisanal face oil client Olie Biologique, Schiffman Creative whipped-up a chic, on-message limited edition box for the 2013 Grammys VIP swag bag. The brief? Come up with something worthy of Bruce Springsteen, that year’s top honoree. The winning design? A stark, black and white silhouette of a guitar laced with botanicals. Bam!


Erin L. Schiffman

She’s not in Kansas anymore: In middle school, Erin moved from Pennsylvania to America’s heartland – Overland Park, Kansas. By age 18, it was off to NYC and the Fashion Institute of Technology. 

Coming up through the Public Relations ranks: Pre-dating her creative-agency career, Erin has a blue-chip background in public relations and marketing, and has held posts at Calvin Klein, DeVries Global and Rubenstein Associates.

Extrovert alert: As the key client-relations gate-keeper, Erin not only keeps projects on track, she also puts her outgoing personality to excellent use. “I’m a big-time people person.” 

How she spends her (work) day: Erin Co-Creative Directs & manages client projects. She also nurtures and grows new business opportunities and partnerships for Schiffman Creative. “I am always looking for new people or businesses to collaborate with.”

Personal Work Philosophy: "Everything happens for a reason is my all encompassing life philosophy."

Inspirations: “There are too many to list!” Warhol, Eames, Herb Lubalin, Pucci, Dolly Parton, Keith Haring, Jonathan Adler, Mid Century Architecture, New York City, Mother Nature, etc.

Connecting the creativity dots: Erin has developed a sharp eye, and now speaks fluent Font + Spacing. “The smallest detail can make a big impact.” Every piece of work that crosses Erin’s desk gets dropped through her branding + positioning blender. “Philip has the graphics background and I bring the PR and marketing thought process to every design,” she says. “That’s what makes us an awesome team.”